Prerequisites for Rust components

Dependencies you may need to install for this guide

Rust & Cargo

To build Rust components you will need the Rust compiler and companion tools installed.

Install rust & cargo via rustup for Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Windows users may need to install the C++ build tools with the “Desktop development with C++” module.

WebAssembly target for Rust

To compile Rust into WebAssembly, you need to install a wasm-* target.

Install both the cross-platform wasm32 target and the WASI (WebAssembly Systems Interface) implementation with this rustup command:

rustup target add wasm32-unknown-unknown wasm32-wasi

Node.js & npm

Wasmflow’s code generators are written in JavaScript to make it as easy as possible for people to contribute generators for new languages.

If you don’t have node.js & npm, install it via nvm on Mac or Linux or nvm-windows on Windows.


tomlq is a command line parser for TOML files and Wasmflow uses it to grab information from toml files like Cargo.toml.

Install tomlq with the command

cargo install tomlq


wasmflow-codegen is Wasmflow’s code generator.

Install wasmflow-codegen via npm install -g @candlecorp/codegen

make on Windows

Wasmflow and generated projects use Makefiles to automate builds and code generation. The easiest way to install make on Windows is via Chocolatey.

$ choco install make