The Wasmflow utility binary.

wafl (lovingly pronounced “waffle”) is the Wasmflow utility binary. It is an RPC client, project bootstrapper, and registry manipulator (among other things).

You don’t need wafl to run wasmflow. It can be distributed or updated on its own and omitted from deployments.





The rpc subcommands connect to a remote wasmflow host and issue an RPC request.

  • rpc invoke: Invoke a component on the remote host.
  • rpc list: Retrieve the list of exposed components on the remote host.
  • rpc stats: Get the running statistics of the remote host.


The project subcommands houses functions that help you build, deploy, and maintain applications.

  • project new: Create a new Wasmflow project.


The component subcommands help you build new components in an existing project.

  • component new: Create a new schema for a Wasmflow component.


registry subcommands are for interacting with an OCI registry.

  • registry push: Push an image to an OCI registry.
  • registry pull: Pull an image from an OCI registry.


Wafl’s wasm subcommands help you sign, inspect, and manage WasmFlow WebAssembly artifacts.

  • wasm sign: Sign a .wasm file with local keys.
  • wasm inspect: Inspect the embedded details of a signed Wasmflow .wasm file.


The bundle subcommands help you manage native, multi-architecture binary collections.

  • bundle pack: Create a signed archive bundle.


Prints the help message with more details on commands and arguments.